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Oxygen Industrial Grade

10 litre Steel Cylinder (200 bar)
*Not appropriate for medical use*
Volume 2.13 m³
Product Code 14675

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Oxygen Industrial grade 2.5 (99.5%) with a higher concentration of Oxygen compared to the 21% in the air we breathe.

Fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing, soldering. Can be used as an assist gas for laser cutting mild steel, Plasma cutting and thermal lancing of concrete, brick or stone.

Handy, portable cylinder size. High oxidisation levels make it ideal for combunstion.

Supply mode
Supplied in a 10 litre steel cylinder at 200 bar with BS3 valve.

Oxygen gives higher flame temperatures than if air is used and supports combustion of materials that do not burn in air.

  • Not appropriate for medical use
  • Many materias are not compatible with oxygen
  • Ensure you are aware of and comply to all safe working practices for oxygen use in the workplace
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